Automated trucks by Linde

The path is clear for automated intralogistics


More and more decision-makers in intralogistics are convinced that automation is key in the future. The demands on the industry are changing mainly as a result of digitization: Due to a new purchasing and ordering behavior, the processes are becoming more and more channel-independent, which requires completely different processes and much more flexible delivery structures. The new flows of goods are much smaller in size, delivery times are much shorter and the route to faster and more efficient work processes is almost inevitably mapped out.

For some decision-makers, however, this step comes with question marks, which cause them some headaches: What is the investment volume? Can the system also be rented? How quickly does it pay for itself? How compatible is the solution with our organization and processes? How safe is it? And last but not least: How long does it take to implement the system and how much time does it take to train our staff?

Linde Material Handling answers these critical questions from interested customers with an astonishingly simple introduction to automation. The pioneering intralogistics solutions of the leading supplier come from Linde robotics. The customer doesn't even have to adapt any processes or automate the entire intralogistics at once - the system is so flexible that it can be easily used in existing facilities. It can be implemented in the smallest of spaces and is nevertheless expandable. The implementation time is considerably reduced due to the possible integration of existing structures.

It is important that planning is carried out beforehand in order to precisely analyze the initial situation and the objectives. The new concept is then developed and implemented on the basis of these results. After successful commissioning and technical clarification, the new devices for automation will be upgraded and technologies such as sensors, PCS, predictive analytics and mobile devices will be put into operation. The next important step is the launch of the defined tracks and networks.

The infrastructure-free, contour-based navigation ensures the safety of movement. The interaction of the various components is controlled by a robot manager, which simultaneously forms the interface to the higher-level WMS or ERP system. Between the systems there is a continuous interaction with fixed data exchange.

A team of experts realizes a tailor-made solution for each application and thus paves the way for flexible automated intralogistics. This opens up a whole range of new applications for Linde robotics. Furthermore, the flexible movement of special high-quality products and fully automatic loading and unloading in different zones raises the entire process to a significantly higher level of quality and efficiency.

An ingenious safety management system consisting of sensors, 3D cameras, visual and audible warning devices and emergency stop switches ensures that the autonomous vehicles do not damage shelves, product carriers and goods. Cameras on the forks scan the contours of the corresponding pallet to ensure that each target object is correctly picked up. At the same time, the vehicles react in real time to everything mobile in their immediate surroundings, which makes them suitable for use even in pedestrian zones outside the aisles.

Next to this robotic-solution, the global company convinces with its enormous market experience, the recognized, highly developed and proven vehicle technology as well as the worldwide operating service network. The cumulative competence is already having an effect: the demand for Linde robotics is rising rapidly


Frank Heptner is Senior Director Consultancy and Projects Intralogistics Solutions at Linde Material Handling. In the course of his over 15 year career, the mechanical engineering graduate developed into a specialist in the field of automatic warehouse solutions.

At Linde, the native German, who grew up in France, is responsible for the consulting business for intralogistics and project management for intralogistics solutions. In his blog he looks at current trends and developments in the industry.