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The Blockchain reached intralogistics

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The subject of Blockchain is a hot topic and is the subject of controversial discussion. However, beyond highly speculative crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, the technology opens up numerous completely new fields of application - also for intralogistics. Roger Campbell is Head of Intralogistic Service at Linde and deals with the topic of Blockchain. At the World of Material Handling he gave a small insight into the potential of this technology.

The principle of the Blockchain is initially based on the decentralization of data, accompanied by the increasing digitization of all areas of life and work. While data used to be only available locally, today it is often stored in cloud solutions and networked with each other. One problem is the validation of the data. Do they come from the source from which they pretend to come and are they still in their original state or possibly manipulated? In business and industrial applications, these are key issues with significant implications. The Blockchain solves this problem by storing data and possible changes during transmission by cryptography unambiguously and unchangeably in the data set of the Blockchain.

This is where an interesting application for intralogistics comes into play: the maintenance history of a vehicle. "For this purpose, the corresponding data would first have to be stored in a Blockchain. Certified technicians could then add data to the block chain. This is the clou: All maintenance processes would be stored in the blockchain and cannot be changed. Customers and service technicians can trace the complete maintenance history of their vehicle," says Roger Campbell about this completely new application example.

Customers could trace the complete maintenance history of their vehicle.

Roger Campbell, Head of Intralogistic Service at Linde

Buyers of used forklifts would also have highly reliable data on the actual maintenance process available with the help of the Blockchain in the future. This could possibly lead to a higher resale value for forklift trucks. Roger Campbell also sees possible applications of the Blockchain for intralogistics in the area of contracts and digital rights. Numerous industries are currently working in parallel on different solutions and are thus continuously advancing the use of Blockchain technology. So it is probably only a matter of time before practical solutions are also developed for intralogistics.