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Automation has long been a hot topic in the logistics sector, and has gained additional momentum in recent years with almost all business processes being digitalized. Greater efficiency, precision, and reliability—these are all clear advantages of automated intralogistics, but some questions remain: Who benefits? How expensive is the implementation? Is the technology sophisticated enough? And how does is all fit into existing systems and the process as a whole?

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Scalable for All Requirements

Linde Material Handling, together with leading technology partners, offers flexible, scalable, and safe solutions. Companies can therefore rely on Linde’s support as a dependable partner with a comprehensive overview of the solution as a whole; this applies from the customer’s request, to advice and planning, and right through to implementation and support. This includes services such as material flow analysis, project planning, engineering services, and acceptance tests. Thanks to the modularity of its solutions, Linde is able to offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from individual process steps through to complex material flows.

Modular and Integrated

Automation works best when all systems communicate and interact with each other seamlessly. Linde’s modular solutions have all the necessary interfaces for integration into all processes and systems. This means individual Linde trucks from the MATIC series or even an entire fleet can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT and operating processes.

The fleet is controlled in real time by a supervisory software program efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Linde’s automation solutions are particularly beneficial: for example, they can be integrated into warehouse management or ERP systems. Linde automation solutions therefore enable companies to remain competitive and fully compatible with the technology of the future.


Geonavigation Without the Need for Infrastructure

All automated solutions are based on series-produced Linde industrial trucks with their proven features of safety and performance. With the integration of innovative geonavigation technology, they are transformed into the automated MATIC-series trucks, which run without the need for any additional infrastructure such as conductor tracks.

The system uses structures like racks, walls, installations and machines to generate a two-dimensional map. In this, routes and action points such as storage locations and transfer stations are defined. The system can learn and adapt to any changes in the spatial structure or processes without a problem and at any time. The MATIC trucks use the map to identify their position in the room by comparing the reference map with the structures it encounters in real time using a navigation laser.


Benefits at a Glance

Smart Travel

The geonavigation system lends Linde’s autonomous industrial trucks the intelligence they need to carry out intralogistics tasks with precision and a high turnover.

Safe Interaction

The driverless trucks recognize their surroundings and react to them appropriately and quickly, safely avoiding any objects in the space, as well as other trucks and people.

Cost-Effective Continuous Operation

The autonomous trucks are not bound to shifts and are available at all times while maintaining consistent performance and precision. This means they are particularly cost-effective to use.

Robust and Precise

The MATIC model range of autonomous trucks and warehouse trucks is based on proven and robust Linde models, which are equipped with intelligent robotic control for precise work.

Automated Trucks from Linde

The autonomous MATIC range from Linde currently covers 80 percent of all handling tasks in production and warehouse logistics. This includes pallet stackers, pallet trucks, tow tractors, counterbalanced pallet trucks, and a high-functionality VNA truck. Depending on requirements, the relevant Linde products are combined with partner technologies and integrated into an overall concept, either for individual process steps or for a fully automated material flow.

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The Latest Addition to the Range: C-MATIC

The new autonomous Linde C-MATIC marks the entry of Linde Material Handling into the automated guided cart segment. It can operate non-stop for 16 hours, has all the necessary safety features, and can be integrated into internal material flow processes with incredible flexibility. It maneuvers through the warehouse area independently along a pre-installed magnetic tape. At the pick-up point, it drives underneath the waiting trolley and “docks” onto it via an extendible pin hook. The Linde C-MATIC can easily move load carriers weighing up to 650 kg.

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Partnership with Dematic

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The Combined Power of Intralogistics Automation

Following the KION Group’s takeover of Dematic, Linde now has a leading international provider of ultra-modern, integrated automation technology as a partner. Dematic’s hardware and software components provide the perfect complement to Linde’s industrial trucks and solutions. This enables the implementation of highly automated and specialized systems. Linde advises companies on the right solution, undertakes project management, and also provides a worldwide service and sales network. This partnership means companies benefit from pooled expertise, and extensive capacities for the automation of supply chains and an optimized material flow.

Success Stories on the Use of Automation Solutions

Flexible Automation of Goods Transport

“Embrace change”—this was the motto of Wolf GmbH for 2016. The message could not have been more appropriate, with the company—a systems provider for heating, ventilation, climate control, and solar technology—purchasing its first automated industrial truck.

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The Most Natural Thing in the World

The main factory of the French metal packaging manufacturer Massilly relies heavily on automation in the production process. Automated industrial trucks now carry out the transportation of pallets, a task which was previously done manually. The switch has been such a success that representatives from other companies have even visited to convince themselves of the merits of the Linde robotics equipment.

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Opel Steers Toward Automation

The Opel plant in Aspern, Austria is the company’s first site to commission fully automated vehicles for longer distances. In doing so, the carmaker is placing its full trust in Linde’s expertise. The challenge lay in integrating the autonomous trucks into the existing systems.

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Optimization Is a Question of Chemistry

Simple doesn't always mean banal: This is demonstrated by the automation project implemented by Linde Material Handling for BASF, based on the driverless system; the project involved integrating a flexible and scalable Logistics 4.0 solution in order to optimize efficiency and safety.

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