Solutions for efficient order picking

The picking of goods is one of the most labour-intensive processes in intralogistics. At the same time, there is great potential here to increase productivity. At the World of Material Handling, Linde and its partners will be presenting both person-to-product and goods-to-person solutions that save time and money in order picking and increase reliability. These include a semi-automatic order picker, an order picker for double pallet transport, smart energy systems, a fully automated order picking system and a system for optimized order processing.

Time and effort-saving order picking with the N20 OptiPick

It is often a few seconds of a handling process that add up to greater time losses during the course of a working day and contribute to driver fatigue. The semi-automatic order picker N20 OptiPick comes into play precisely here. With it, employees can fully concentrate on their picking activities, save unnecessary distances between the truck and the shelf and work more productively overall. With a wristband as a remote control, it gives individually adjustable travel commands. The vehicle then moves autonomously at a fixed distance parallel to the shelf and stops again after an equally fixed distance. The time-consuming and tiring getting on and off to drive the vehicle is no longer necessary. The N20 OptiPick independently avoids smaller obstacles. Additional safety is provided by intelligent sensors, all-round foot protection and an emergency stop switch.

Double the load with the N20 LoL

Often it is small changes that make a process significantly more productive. This is the case with the N20 LoL (Lol stands for long load arms). With this order picker, the operator can transport two pallets in one work cycle. In addition, it always keeps the pallet currently to be loaded at the required working height.

N20 with lithium-ion-batteries – charging like a smartphone

The change to lithium-ion batteries as energy system also ensures high efficiency gains during order picking: no battery change, no maintenance, flexible intermediate charging. With these and other advantages, it reduces operating costs and significantly increases vehicle availability. With the easily accessible side charging plug developed by Linde, charging the vehicle is as easy as charging a smartphone.

Automated picking of small-sized goods and materials

One of the major challenges for order picking lies in the small-scale flow of goods and materials. The AutoStore solution from Linde's premium partner Dematic helps companies in a wide range of industries to master this challenge. AutoStoreis not only an ultra-compact warehouse, but also an automated goods-to-person picking system. This makes it possible, for example, to realise the highly individually assembled and increasing deliveries of food through supermarkets, but also to deliver spare parts automatically to the workstations for aircraft maintenance. The system does not require any aisles, so that the entire volume can be used for the storage of products. This is made possible by robots that travel along the top of the warehouse and from there access the inventory stacked in compartments. The containers are put away, removed from storage and delivered to the workstations as required. The result: no walking distances, higher productivity, faster order processing and higher order accuracy.

Order processing with the Dematic PutWall

The Dematic PutWall-System optimizes order processing for single-piece order picking. The system works according to the principle of division of labour by combining the picking of articles from different orders. This may be necessary in the mail order business as well as in completely different application areas such as the provision of spare parts or document management in libraries. Thus, the collected goods or materials first reach one side of the PutWall. There, an employee scans the products, a light then assigns a compartment to the product and the employee confirms the storage of the product in the compartment at the push of a button. On the other side of the PutWall, another employee takes care of the packaging or delivery of the suitably assembled goods. The PutWall approach to order merging and packaging increases the productivity, accuracy and speed of the entire order processing.