Perfect Material Flow in Production and Transport Logistics

The biggest challenge is choosing the right means of transport for individual production processes. The question is, which truck offers the best return-on-invest for each task? Is a manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated solution most suited to optimizing the material flow? In the World of Material Handling, Linde presents a whole range of such solutions for the interplay of production and transport logistics, as well as a tool with which to find the best solution for the fastest return-on-invest. The products presented include, amongst others, the easy-to-implement automation system of the C-MATIC unit load carrier, tow trains for long transport routes, an efficient double-deck loader, and a fully automated packaging system with robots. These trucks and machines, and others, demonstrate their advantages in a mock production process.

Construction of a Smooth Production Logistics System

Production efficiency depends on logistics processes. In the World of Material Handling, Linde has created an exemplary production environment, equipped with the corresponding trucks and machines. This example shows how the whole production process can be logistically mapped using solutions from Linde and its partners. From the pre-assembly area to the supply line and the production, to the packaging and the transportation to the loading area: Various manual, semi-automatic, and automatic solutions show how the part assembly work process—including transportation over short distances—interlinks smoothly, and how people and machines are harmonized. With the help of the “Fleet Plan” software and application consultants, Linde also supports the company in the selection of the right products for the relevant production requirements. The tool takes into account parameters such as the number of picking and assembly processes, tool changes for flexible production, and the necessary load capacities.

Fast-track to Automation with the C-MATIC

Simple automation processes in production logistics are provided by the C-MATIC.The automated guided cart independently maneuvers along an easy-to-install magnetic strip, and docks under an earmarked trolley. At the push of a button, it can transport loads weighing up to 650 kilograms at a maximum speed of three kilometers per hour, for up to 16 hours, with one battery charge. It therefore supports the sequential or continuous line delivery by means of a reliable parts supply. New routes can be determined by simply rearranging the magnetic tape. The C-MATIC can carry out further actions thanks to the RFID tags under the magnetic tape, for example it can slow down at pedestrian crossings.

Tow trains for Optimum Material Flow

Depending on the scope, production may also require long-distance transport. Tugger trains are the best option for this. Linde offers a range of manually-operated trucks, along with a semi-automated solution for mass production. The tugger trains are tow tractors which are combined with various trailer modules. They can be loaded with up to 2,000 kg per trailer module, and are usually ideal for internal transport distances of 150 meters or more.

Automated Packing from A to Z

The Linde technology partner e3neo offers a fully automated system for packing items in boxes. The machines fold the boxes so that they can ultimately be manually or automatically filled with items. The system then uses shrink film to secure the items against slipping, adds delivery slips or other documentation, adjusts the boxes according to their filling level, and closes them. If necessary, the system then attaches shipping labels to the boxes. Linde therefore provides companies with a key building block for their production processes, so that the flow of goods can be automated as smoothly as possible.

Double-deck Loaders for Maximal Productivity

The extended Rider product line offers a highly efficient truck for transport logistics. The D12 R+ lifting truck can transport two pallets at a time. This therefore accelerates handling, and reduces the costs of pallet transportation. The Rider range also offers several features for improved safety and ergonomics, such as a separated driver's cab and the Linde Load Management assistance system, which displays parameters including the load weight.