Warehouse Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Warehousing is a challenge for both man and machine. Tight rows of shelves, high lifting heights and constantly changing goods flows set high standards in terms of safety, flexibility, and productivity. Linde offers tailor-made trucks for all purposes in the warehouse, which can be fitted with various assistance systems and extras for improved safety, comfort, and efficiency.

In the World of Material Handling, Linde presents several innovations relating to key warehouse handling processes. These include the VNA K trucks for productive handling in the high rack warehouse, the Linde Safety Guide for accident prevention, the ergonomic and very productive rider range, and the R-MATIC for the automation of shelving operations.

High Speed in the High Rack Warehouse with the K

The K combination truck from Linde Material Handling enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high rack warehouses. Amongst other things, this is possible thanks to the simultaneous control of driving and hoisting procedures, including main and auxiliary lifting. The speed of such trucks is usually limited due to the unevenness of the floor. In the K, the Active Stability Control assistance systemcompensates for unevenness in milliseconds, and prevents the truck from tilting sideways. This eliminates costly floor renovations, and handling is safer.

Greatest Level of Productivity with the Rider Range

The expansion of the Rider product family increases both productivity and handling safety in the warehouse. The trucks offer a large selection of standard, duplex, and triplex masts with lifting heights of up to 6.2 meters. TheLinde Load Managementassistance system warns drivers that the max. lifting height for the load weight is about to be reached. If necessary, even the lifting motion is stopped before it exceeds the critical value. The ergonomics of the truck focus on effortless and productive work. The driver's cab is separated from the chassis without vibration, and all components have been ergonomically designed. For even greater availability and flexible use, there are also trucks with lithium-ion batteries. This enables, for example, short interim charging times and a constant performance.

Fully-automated Shelving Operations with the R-MATIC

With the R-MATIC, Linde provides an automation solution for virtually all warehouse applications. The fully-automated truck transports pallets of items weighing up to 1.6 tonnes to high shelves, and can independently store and retrieve them at a height of up to ten meters. Thanks to powerful geo-navigation and a 3D camera, the R-MATIC can be perfectly orientated, and the forks can be controlled with great precision. Thanks to the “Dual Mode”, users can switch to manual control. The Dynamic Mast Control assistance system supports safe handling, as it reduces vibrations.

The use of fully automated equipment increases reliability, diligence, and safety in the warehouse. The damage rate falls, automated processes increase transparency, and previously required personnel can work elsewhere in the warehouse. With its modular and scalable solutions, Linde offers a simple step towards automation.

X-ray Vision with Linde Safety Guard

In warehouses, pedestrians and trucks often work together in very small spaces. This increases the risk of accidents. A simple yet highly effective assistance system therefore helps to prevent such accidents. The Linde Safety Guard warns personnel and drivers in advance. The underlying technology can even “see” through walls.

A securely installed 12 x 7.5 cm “truck unit” on the truck, and the mobile “portable unit” worn by the pedestrian, is the only requirement. As they approach one another, the equipment warns the user not only acoustically and visually, but also by vibrating—even if the truck is behind a wall or a shelving unit. The Safety Guard belongs to a range of technological and organizational safety measures, which Linde offers as part of an integrated safety approach: “Vision Zero. Safety in your world”.