High, higher, V modular

22 Jun 2022

Three questions for: Anna Keilbach

Always the right triplex mast

The new V modular from Linde offers two different mast concepts in the triplex range: First, a new version without free lift, in which the speed is not reduced during mast transition. Second, a version with free lift, which is particularly suitable for warehouses with structural restrictions, such as racks above the transfer aisle.

With the updated V modular, Linde is taking vertical order picking to the next level. Among other things, the truck sets a new record for picking height. Anna Keilbach, International Product Manager for VNA trucks and Vertical Order Pickers, tells us what else has been optimized and why people at the wheel must always be considered.

Anna, can you tell us in a few sentences what the V modular is and where its particular strengths lie?

The V modular is a vertical order picker that enables goods to be stored and retrieved at great heights. It is particularly suitable for picking in wide and narrow aisle warehouses. A truly unique feature is its picking height of 14.5 meters, which no other vehicle on the market can match. It also travels very quickly with a top speed of 13 km/h and enables astonishingly high handling rates with a lifting speed of 0.5 meters per second. Because the requirements in warehouses are very different, we designed it as a modular system. This means that customers can put together the optimum order picker for their particular requirements.

At WoMH 2022, you show a modernized version of the V modular...

Yes, exactly. We have improved the original model in many places. Because customers want ever higher racks, they can equip the new V modular with a mast with a picking height of up to 14.5 meters. In addition, we will offer two different triplex masts in the future, both with improved mast visibility and an even smoother mast transition to reduce operator strain. We have also increased the residual capacities. This is particularly interesting for customers who pick on picking platforms and rolling racks. For the latter, we will be using a standardized solution for securing roll carts from now on.

How often does one think about the person behind the wheel during product development?

Very often. Picking is probably the most strenuous work in the warehouse. That's why we're doing everything we can with the new V modular to relieve the drivers as much as possible. Keyword: ergonomics. For example, we have equipped the vehicles with lateral tilt barriers and provided additional storage areas. There is also a new color display that can be mounted on the mast or load side as required. For more protection, we have also equipped the side barriers with a mechanical interlock and added the Linde Safety Guard safety system to the options list. Because in the end, people always remain the most important thing.

Dear Anna, thank you very much for this interview.