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Impressions from the World of Material Handling 2022

For a future-oriented intralogistics operation, it is not enough to look at processes and workflows alone. New solutions must be flexible, scalable and efficient - and at the same time safe and resource-efficient. They should make complexity controllable and contribute to value creation.


We were showcasing many of our newly developed vehicles, safety and energy systems, software tools, and consulting services at the World of Material Handling 2022, that will help you make your internal processes more economical, transparent, safe, and climate-friendly.

The offerings associated with forklifts and warehouse trucks can be found in the solution areas of Intralogistics & Automation, Safety, Energy and Digitalization. Our flying reporter duo captured insights into these areas here.

Intralogistics & Automation

Highlights Automation

  • Driverless tow tractor P-MATIC with automated tugger trailers
  • Second generation of the automated reach truck R-MATIC
  • Autonomous mobile robots with transport tables for assembly line supply

No two intralogistics environments are alike. That's why it takes comprehensive knowledge of how processes work in different industries to optimize and scale these processes and make them fit for today's and tomorrow's requirements: Which repetitive tasks can be automated in a meaningful way? Where can employees be deployed in ways that add value? How can they be supported through semi-automation? What software is needed to control processes transparently and efficiently? Linde and Dematic have the experts who can answer these questions and the products to implement the corresponding solution concepts.

Let's talk about lean line supply!

Kimsy and Mal Rexhepi, Product Manager Logistic Trains and automated tow tractors at Linde, talk about lean management on the shop floor and how tugger train solutions are used to bundle horizontal material flows for line supply. Including the electric tow tractor P250 from Linde.

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Automation in production supply

Luis and Kimsy get to know the challenges and processs in production supply. Including the different levels of automation that can be incorporated and how they assist workers to focus on their value creating tasks for assembly.

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Highlights Safety

  • Safety zones definable via fleet management (connect:zi)
  • Automatic roller shutter control with Linde Safety Guard
  • Rear area monitoring Linde Motion Detection for forklift trucks

Safety in the internal movement of goods is not only an obligation to employees. It is also an effective lever for greater productivity and lower costs. For this reason, Linde Material Handling has always been working on solutions that make the use of Linde products safer. These include design improvements to the driver's vision on new trucks, as well as effective warning systems, technical safety assistants that actively intervene in hazardous situations, and explosion-proof vehicles - which could bee seen live and in color at the #WoMH2022.

When the forklift hits the brakes

With Linde connect:zi, safety zones can be defined for hazardous warehouse areas in which vehicles automatically reduce their speed. Luis finds out how this works from Claudio D'Arcangelo, Senior Manager Digital Projects.

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Explosions? Not with us!

For work in highly flammable atmospheres, vehicles must provide comprehensive explosion protection. Elke Karnarski, Product Manager Ex-Proof Trucks, explains to us the advantages offered by Linde's explosion-proof vehicles and how the topic will develop in the coming years.

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Linde Motion Detection

To improve safety in everyday warehouse operations, Linde is continuously developing innovative assistance systems. One of these is Linde Motion Detection. Linde Product Manager Fabian Zimmermann explains to us exactly how the system works and where it is used.

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Motion Detection from Linde Material Handling


Highlights Energy

  • Smart charging management with Linde connect:charger
  • Structured energy consulting with the Energy Navigator
  • IoT-based analysis and forecasting of energy consumption

The operation of industrial trucks is a weighty factor in a company's overall energy consumption. The right use of energy determines both climate friendliness and cost efficiency. That's why Linde helps its customers find the right energy system for their needs: Diesel and LPG engines, lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells. The customer is not alone in being spoilt for choice: whether it's a tool-supported as-is analysis, innovative charging software or advice on setting up the necessary infrastructure: with our offerings, you always have your energy requirements firmly under control.

Energy management - the challenge of the future

During her coffee break with Linde Brand Manager Stefan Prokosch and Andreas Reuter, COO of ifesca, Kimsy finds out all about energy management and why this topic is so important for fleet operators.

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Energy made to measure

Diesel? Gas? Electric drive? Or perhaps even fuel cells? When it comes to energy systems for industrial trucks, companies today are spoiled for choice. With the Linde Energy Navigator, Linde supports a fact-based decision. Andreas Kistner, Senior Director Business Innovation, explains how it works.

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The future is here with the connect:charger

WoMH scout Kimsy learns about the pros and cons of lead-acid batteries, and why switching to lithium-ion batteries is a game-changer.

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The hydrogen revolution

Hydrogen fuel cells enable vehicle drives with enormous future potential, especially for sustainably minded companies. Karl Knipfelberg, VP Product Management Counterbalance & Energy, explains to Kimsy and Luis what practical advantages the technology has and what to look out for in intralogistics fleet planning.

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Highlights Digitalization

  • Digital forklift twin enables remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance
  • Guiding and control systems for forklifts, tugger trains and narrow-aisle trucks
  • Digital warehouse management with Linde Warehouse Navigator

Today, only small efficiency gains can be achieved with purely technical optimization of machines - modern sensor technology, digital networking, software and data utilization promise significantly higher potential for increases. The flow of information and the central control of all system components are becoming increasingly important for the smooth flow of materials. With the new generation of Linde counterbalanced trucks and IT solutions for inventory management, control systems and fleet management, Linde brought together many new offerings in the area of digitalization at #WoMH2022 that will make your material flow fit for the future.

When the forklift hits the brakes

With Linde connect:zi, safety zones can be defined for hazardous warehouse areas in which vehicles automatically reduce their speed. Luis finds out how this works from Claudio D'Arcangelo, Senior Manager Digital Projects.

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In the heart of the material flow

Kimsy visits the control center where all the digital threads of WoMH 2022 come together. There she learns about the Linde Warehouse Navigator and Linde's connect fleet management software.

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The health app for the forklift truck

Service specialist Matthias Ehler explains to our WoMH scouts, Kimsy von Reischach and Luis Lüder, what a digital twin is and where you can find it.

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More about the #WoMH2022


Warehouse & Driving Experience

The highlight of the World of Material Handling 2022 was the "Warehouse" - where drinking bottles were produced for visitors of the event. From incoming goods to storage, picking and production, right through to delivery on the last mile, our latest trucks and automated solutions moved the materials here as if they were being used in the real world - controlled and monitored from the Control Center.

In addition, #WoMH2022 offered the entire new generation of forklifts from Linde in real outdoor use. Take a look - here you can find all the articles by our reporter duo about the Warehouse and the impressions of our visitors during the live test of our vehicles.

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