The World of Material Handling 2022 in Mannheim

World of Material Handling 2022

That was the WoMH 2022!

You should always stop when it's at its best. And so the World of Material Handling 2022 also came to an end after two action-packed weeks.

From June 20 to June 30, we welcomed numerous visitors from all over the world at the Mannheim Maimarkt. Under the motto YOUR WAY IS OUR WAY, our guests were able to test all the vehicles, technologies and tools that Linde and its partners have to offer.

From the world's most powerful electric forklifts to the revolutionary Linde Steer Control concept and digital Speed Zoning: at WoMH 2022, modern material flow was finally within reach again.

Short ramble about the #WoMH22

A special attraction was the live installation of a bottle production , in which all intralogistics stations of the entire process chain could be marveled at, from goods receipt to storage, picking, and production to last-mile delivery.

Our highlight video takes a brief tour of the exhibition grounds and summarizes the most important aspects of two weeks of WoMH 2022 for you.

If you still haven't had enough of the World on Material Handling, just keep an eye out on social media for the hashtag #WoMH2022.

Video of the World of Material Handling 2022 highlights

The WoMH Scouts Luis Lüder and Kimsy von Reischach

WoMH Scouts: The roving reporters

Our WoMH Scouts reported directly from the fair grounds throughout the entire duration of WoMH 2022. In several reports per day, the racy reporter duo provided exciting insights and background reports in text, pictures and video.

The team of reporters consisted of Luis Lüder, trainer at the Linde Sales Academy, and moderator and journalist Kimsy von Reischach. The insider's perspective and the curious interest of an outsider offered a colorful view of the goings-on on site and provided readers with everything worth knowing about #WoMH2022.

Here you can read all the WoMH Scouts' blog posts

Insight on the WoMH-Scouts blog news

"This is amazing!"

Customer statemens at WoMH 2022: Luis asked our guests what they thought of the new counterbalanced trucks and Linde Steer Control.

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When the forklift hits the brakes

With Linde connect:zi, safety zones can be defined for hazardous warehouse areas in which vehicles automatically reduce their speed. Luis finds out how this works from Claudio D'Arcangelo, Senior Manager Digital Projects.

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Here's where the action is - a visit to goods receiving...

Kimsy and Luis meet up with Peter Klug, Warehouse Truck Product Manager at Linde, to talk about goods in. The first stop in our WoMH2022 red bottle factory and the place from where the caps, glass bottles and clips get distributed to their next destination.

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Take us up to new heights!

Kimsy meets Alexander Schmidt, Senior Product Manager Reach Trucks at Linde, to talk about the new heavy duty mast and how Linde's proven assistance system Dynamic Mast Control compensates oscillations when working at height.

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Energy management - the challenge of the future

During her coffee break with Linde Brand Manager Stefan Prokosch and Andreas Reuter, COO of ifesca, Kimsy finds out all about energy management and why this topic is so important for fleet operators.

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Energy made to measure

Diesel? Gas? Electric drive? Or perhaps even fuel cells? When it comes to energy systems for industrial trucks, companies today are spoiled for choice. With the Linde Energy Navigator, Linde supports a fact-based decision. Andreas Kistner, Senior Director Business Innovation, explains how it works.

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How did the red bottles get on the shelf?

Kimsy and Luis meet Sven Bilz, Trainig Advisor at Linde, to talk about all things Last Mile. Including the new pallet truck T14, T16 L and the electric order picker MV01.

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The future is here with the connect:charger

WoMH scout Kimsy learns about the pros and cons of lead-acid batteries, and why switching to lithium-ion batteries is a game-changer.

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Strong together: Our partners

In addition to the experts from Linde, you will also meet the numerous specialists from our partner companies at World of Material Handling 2022. Find out here which cooperation partners will be on site at the Maimarkt in Mannheim with which topics and products:

To the Partners

Die Partner der World of Material Handling 2022.