Material flow could be experienced at #WOMH2022

Warehouse & Outdoor
Showing the live installation of a production and storage environment at WoMH 2022.

Material flow you can touch: A very special highlight of WoMH 2022 was the "Warehouse". From incoming goods to storage, picking and production, right through to last-mile delivery, our latest vehicles and automation solutions moved the materials of a small factory for drinking bottles here as if they were in real operation - controlled and monitored from the Control Center.

But there's more than just looking and touching: At #WoMH2022, visitors could drive and test every single vehicle on the site for themselves - the entire new generation of forklifts from Linde even on a huge experience course in the outdoor area.


Step by step, the raw materials for the bottle production run through the entire process chain of internal material flow before the eyes of the visitors. Here, different solution approaches can be found for each individual requirement - manual, semi-automatic and fully automated processes in the warehouse, for order picking and in production supply. In addition, new, compact pallet trucks, tugger trains with manual and fully automated trailers, semi-automated picking equipment, IT-supported VNA stackers and much more.

What this looked like at the World of Material Handling 2022 was captured for you by our WoMH-scouts. You can find all videos and reports from the Warehouse here.

Here's where the action is - a visit to goods receiving...

Kimsy and Luis meet up with Peter Klug, Warehouse Truck Product Manager at Linde, to talk about goods in. The first stop in our WoMH2022 red bottle factory and the place from where the caps, glass bottles and clips get distributed to their next destination.

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Take us up to new heights!

Kimsy meets Alexander Schmidt, Senior Product Manager Reach Trucks at Linde, to talk about the new heavy duty mast and how Linde's proven assistance system Dynamic Mast Control compensates oscillations when working at height.

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How did the red bottles get on the shelf?

Kimsy and Luis meet Sven Bilz, Trainig Advisor at Linde, to talk about all things Last Mile. Including the new pallet truck T14, T16 L and the electric order picker MV01.

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Let's talk about lean line supply!

Kimsy and Mal Rexhepi, Product Manager Logistic Trains and automated tow tractors at Linde, talk about lean management on the shop floor and how tugger train solutions are used to bundle horizontal material flows for line supply. Including the electric tow tractor P250 from Linde.

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Automation in production supply

Luis and Kimsy get to know the challenges and processs in production supply. Including the different levels of automation that can be incorporated and how they assist workers to focus on their value creating tasks for assembly.

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Order picking up close and personal

The WoMH scouts Luis and Kimsy take a close look at everything Linde has to offer concerning horizontal and vertical order picking - from the N20 and N20 C series to the new V modular B.

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Into the Air with our Warehouse Trucks

Join Kimsy and Luis on their tour of the Storage station where they discover Linde Solutions to make work in the warehouse safer and more efficient.

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Message with a Bottle

Kimsy and Luis get to know the steps and challenges of order picking and learn how Linde’s new V modular vertical order picker and the semi-automated N20 C SA for ground floor picking keep operators happy.

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High, higher, V modular

With the all-new V modular vertical order picker, Linde is taking work in the warehouse to the next level. Anna Keilbach, International Product Manager for VNA trucks and Vertical Order Picker, tells us what has been optimized.

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Here you get help!

At WoMH 2022, Stefan Prokosch explains why consulting is becoming increasingly important for customers and how software solutions make intralogistics processes more efficient and secure.

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The WoMH Experience is back!

Stefan Prokosch welcomes to the WoMH 2022, explains the slogan "Your way is our way" and why there is a lot about energy.

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Used? Approved!

A used truck that has been professionally refurbished by Linde Material Handling is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a new vehicle. Matthieu Mazzega, Senior Director Rental and Used Trucks, explains when to choose a used truck and what options Linde offers.

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Driving Experience

Touch, feel, give it a try! Often, the advantages of a truck only really become evident when you've had a chance to try it out for yourself. This is especially true for Linde, because we focus on the operator during product development. Only when the operators feel comfortable on their equipment and are able to use it without great physical strain do the full benefits of the vehicle's performance come to bear. You can feel this difference!

What our guests of WoMh 2022 said when they loaded a truck in the outdoor area with the world's most powerful electric forklift - the Linde X20 - X35 - or stack scrap cars with the new H35 - H50 - can be seen and read here.

"This is amazing!"

Customer statemens at WoMH 2022: Luis asked our guests what they thought of the new counterbalanced trucks and Linde Steer Control.

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Light talk about electric heavy weights

Kimsy talks to Christopher Reis, who is responsible for Linde’s heavy truck range. He tells her all about the development of the promising new electric heavy truck, the E100 – E180, and how it keeps up even with the most powerful IC heavy truck.

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New Generation Counterbalance Trucks: H35 – H50

Kimsy and Luis join Björn Walter, Senior Product Manager Counterbalance Trucks at Linde, to talk about the IC-Trucks H35 – H50 and the advantages of the new generation of counterbalance trucks from Linde.

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Small wheel big effect

Joystick instead of steering wheel: In an expert talk with Frank Bergmann and Otto Lindenborn, the WoMH scouts get to know the Linde Steer Control, the highlight of WoMH 2022.

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Finally more towing

Linde has expanded its range of heavy-duty tow tractors and also improved the vehicles in many areas. Philippe de Castro, Assistant International Product Management, tells us more about the innovations.

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Linde forklifts in action at the World of Material Handling.

Solution areas

For a future-oriented intralogistics operation, it is not enough to look at processes and workflows alone. New solutions must be flexible, scalable and efficient - and at the same time safe and resource-efficient. They should make complexity controllable and contribute to value creation.

We showed many of our newly developed vehicles, safety and energy systems, software tools, and consulting services at the World of Material Handling 2022, that will help you make your internal processes more economical, transparent, safe, and climate-friendly.

The offerings associated with forklifts and warehouse trucks can be found in the solution areas of Intralogistics & Automation, Safety, Energy and Digitalization.

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